Too dry for a marinade, too wet for a rub

I’m not entirely sure what to call this. Possibly a wet rub? Sounds a bit naughty…

Anyhow, I bought a lot of chicken because it’s on sale. I decided to go for whole legs rather than just drumsticks or just thighs. Rather than get bored with chickenchickenchicken (on the bone no less) I thought about how I could make it a bit more variable. I could marinade some of it…I could do a rub on some of it…I’ve been experimenting with stuffing chicken thighs, so I kind of combined all those ideas (I’m sure this gloopy stuff has a proper technical term).

This is a food processor thing so you will  need:

Onion-1 whole

Hot chilli peppers, to taste. I used 2-3 skinny ones about 2-3 inches long each.

Garlic- 6 cloves

Lemon- 1 whole, including the peel

Peppercorns- around 1 tsp

Salt- between 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp

(No pictures of the cast of characters as I had already started adding them when I thought about pictures.)

So here is what you do:

Loosely chop your onion and start it going in the food processor (use the regular chopping blade), take the stems off your peppers and chuck those in. The peppers, not the stems. Slice your lemon up and remove the seeds and throw that in (your food processor should be merrily spinning away), peel and all. Add your garlic cloves (whole) and peppercorns and salt. Blend until the peppercorns are mostly broken up.

This is what mine looked like.


I scraped it out and put it in a container for the fridge. Here is a detail shot:


I took a spoonful (tablespoon heaping, more or less) for each chicken leg and used my fingers to first loosen the skin from the meat and then spread the mix on the chicken under the skin. I dabbed some on to the top of the skin as well. Yeah, note to self don’t eat this stuff raw because I’ve been dipping spoons into it that have raw chicken cooties.


After baking for 45ish minutes (I just cook chickens until the juice runs clear and the skin isn’t burnt. Aaaaah.):


Isn’t that pretty? Or as pretty as chicken can really be (on a bowl of black beans, brown rice and broccoli, which is staple food here). This was actually Glenn’s as I started nomming on mine before I got around to taking a picture.

I think for the future I wont be putting the mix on top of the skin, as that was a bit too intense to bite into, but just saving it for the skin-meat space. Mmm

Really could have used more chilli peppers too. I can’t taste them. All lemony-oniony-garlicky with a hint of cracked pepper flavor.

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