Soap and washing products

Unfortunately I’m not set up to make my own soap yet, though that is something I will someday try.

Current project is making hand soap (liquid) from cheapo bars. I have a few dispensers that are now empty (or close to) and hand soap is easier to use than the bar stuff.

So grate, either by hand or in the food processor, 1 small bar of soap. Mine says it was 93-100g, which is about 3.5-4oz.


I used 6 cups of water, but you may need to add more depending. Bring this to a steam and add your soap flakes.


Bring to a boil, removing from heat as necessary to keep the froth that will form from boiling over. Stir while simmering.

Once boiled remove from heat and allow to sit until cool. It will seem almost solid, but when you start to mix it will become more liquid. Mix up. Add more water if gloopy. What you get here is a suspension of gloop in water.


Works pretty good for hand soap!

There was more than this, but this is all I had containers for.

If it gets too thick you can use the hand soap stem to mix it  up and it should work again. Add more water as necessary.

Another recent project is making my own laundry detergent (no pics, sorry, maybe later. Not very interesting regardless!) Borax+baking soda 1:1 ratio, works great and no phosphate/detergenty run off for your groundwater. There are lots of recipes floating around on the internets that involve the grating of soap, washing soda, mixing with water for a liquidy type washing mix, but I’ve managed just fine with just borax and baking soda. Most of the other ones work just fine too and there are even comparisons showing how well they clean next to brand name products (comparably). Things come out clean, nice smelling without perfume and it’s easy to use. My current mix is 2.5kg borax, whatever was left in my detergent box, half a bottle of Napisan (like Oxiclean I think), probably about 500g or so, and some baking soda. I use a regular landry scooper to add it to the wash. I also had good results using a similar mix (though I can’t recall the exact recipe or ingredients) for dishwashing powder.

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