How does my garden grow part 2

So, it has been at least two weeks since my seeds arrived and I planted them. I’m finally seeing sprouts!

I mainly bought various types of squash (spaghetti, zucchini, delicata), egg plant and tomatoes. Oh and spinach, green onions and basil and cilantro.


See? Seed packets (which were special envelopes run through a printer with plastic baggies of seeds inside. Yay local).

Here are my planting/starting setups.

Newspaper pots. I made and filled around 40 of them and filled up all but 3 with seeds.


Sitting on top of Toby’s crate on several potting soil bags (empty). I water them with a mister bottle.

I picked these shoe holders up at the store for 99c each. Score, now I don’t have to sew any. They are plastic, but hold moisture ok without over draining.


I bought 3 of these. One is nearly full of spinach, another mostly herbs and the last just has green onions in the top row.

So, after 2 weeks I have this going on


Mostly what is visible there is the squashies and some tomatoes. The eggplants are doing nothing (I dug around and seeds visible, totally unsprouted) unfortunately, so I may need to figure something out for them.

And those that have been outside (though wrapped in some plastic thing I found to help with the occasional frostiness)


Those are serrano peppers and spinach.

Hopefully I can do some outside planting before the end of September!

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