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Foot noodles and cake in a cup

These are personal twists on recipes scavenged from the internets.

The cake in a cup has been a minor dessert mainstay for a while now. You can find the basic recipe floating around under chocolate cake in a cup, but I thought…does it have to be chocolate? No. It does not. I’ve successfully made apple-cinnamon, lemon and flaxseed and a few other flavours. Basic recipe I use is 1/4-1/2 cup flour (depending on mug size. We have a large soup mug that gets used for cake duty), 1/4 cup sugar, some salt, 1 egg (medium is a bit better than small), some oil, maybe¬† 2 tsp to 1 tbsp, baking powder…um call it a tbsp, 1/4 cup milk or a tbsp of dry milk and 1/4 cup water, and whatever you want to put in there.

Pop it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes until it isn’t gooey on top (it will rise up and maybe overflow your cup a bit), dump it out onto a plate and slice into chunks for fingerfood cake.

That recipe makes enough for 2 people or one really hungry cake craving person.

No pictures! Maybe next time I make the cake-in-a-cup…

Now I was craving udon noodles and I found a recipe that I didn’t follow at all except to see that the noodles were basically flour, water, and salt and that you knead the dough with your feet. Mmm foot noodles. So you mix your flour and water and salt (I used 2.5 cups flour and 2/3 cup water and umm… 1 1/2 tsp salt.) It was really really stiff. I used a bit more water, then a bit more flour….

You mix with your hands until it’s like hard playdough. It will go through being super shaggy and dry to you not thinking all that flour will get used up to being somewhat smooth. I added a bit more water then a bit more flour until it was smooth enough. Let it sit for a few hours (I guess this is important for gluten to do mysterious gluten things) then what you do is put the dough in a bag and (after letting the air out!) step on the bag (sans shoes) until flat. Then you take the dough out, fold it up and repeat…oh 3-6 times.

Slice slice slice and boil up and decent udon noodles are yours. This made about 6 servings or so.

I found that having the dough be warmer helped with both the kneading and rolling out. All that flour gave me a stomach ache too, where regular udon noodles do not, so not sure I like the recipe. Other than stepping on the dough. That was kind of fun.

Here’s a look at the udon noodles in some soup:


More garden adventures…

Cooking has been boring lately. Well, not really, I have another post scheduled for a week from now.

The weather has been crazy. There was frost this morning, which makes a mid-late April frost for you Northern Hemisphere people. Thankfully nothing seems damaged.

Everything even faintly alive is in the ground at this point.


Here you can see squash and pupkins and some small but seemingly ok tomatoes. The eggplants are failing in the middle there.

I planted some delicata squash seeds by the stick. We’ll see if they grow. I had, I think, one sprout inside but then it died for no apparent reason.

A close up of tomatoes.


And the space dome I keep everything under. Keeps ’em warm, moist and happy. And when we have a surpise frost things don’t die.


Here are the pockets of spinach (large-green) green onions and cilantro and parsley. I have basil and more parsley in the pot down below along with some serrano peppers that are just starting to come up.