Monthly Archives: January 2010

Too much zucchini!

So it needs to be frozen. This is, after all, why I bought a freezer when I planted the garden. That and it’s good for storing dog foods.

So, I had quite a few zucchini (or courgettes as they call t hem here. Don’t know why they call them that, but they do). This isn’t even all of them. I filled up this bowl even further and had one left over. I’ll eat fresh ones until there aren’t any more, but every time they build up I’ll store them.

I was also making corn (it’s corn season and cheap at the store), so was boiling extra water. Basically, bring some water to a boil. Enough for all your zucchini. I didn’t do that so ended up needing to use the corn water as I filled up both pots to overflowing. I had to tip water out to fit more zucchini in.

Once the water is boiling, add the zucchini and keep in there for 3 minutes. Don’t bother waiting for it to boil again, just 3 minutes immersed in the water should be good. So said the guides to blanching zucchini. We’ll just see how these taste later on…(Yeah, the stove is dirty, needs a steel wool scrub)

I ended up with 6 of those little containers at the back (we get them from a takeaway curry place, we have 12, but I use them for tomato sauce too),  and the rest in a 2L container that isn’t quite full. I anticipate putting more on top once I get overwhelmed with vegetables again. The little containers hold more than a cup but not quite 2 cups I think. These zucchini will supposedly be acceptable for stir fry (mainly how I eat them) or anywhere I’d use sliced zucchinis. I guess I could have grated them and frozen them straight like that (good for zucchini bread, zucchini-latkes or mixing into other things).

Monster garden

My garden has totally taken over. It’s huge. Enormous. And sometimes, if I’m not careful, so are the vegetables.

That big one is about the size of my forearm. I don’t check for a few days and what happens? Monster veggies. The next one back is still pretty big. The one in the back is more the size I like to see. The other ones are just small and tender. Yum.

I don’t get out often enough because it’s increasingly hard to bend down and pick things. Also after I pick things I’m wheezing a bit. Baby is still stealing my air supply.

Vines are spilling into the yard.


Here is a pumpkin. I found it hiding in the grass. Not actually sure if this is a Delicata squash or a Buttercup pumpkin.

I have tomatoes finally. I had heaps of flowers, but no fruit, then one day, fruit everywhere.

I don’t know what these pear shaped ones are. I only really planted Black Krim tomatoes, Beefsteak, Moneymaker and Roma. We will see! Surprises can be fun I guess.

More of the garden taking over the yard.

I’m happy it’s doing so well and all, but we are kind of looking to move. What with this being a one bedroom and having a baby show up in June. We’d stay here, but can barely walk around the bed our room is so small. So we will see. I estimate needing 6 large tubs to hold all that. Eeek. If it survives being dug up and all.