Monthly Archives: May 2010

So Sew (and knit and crochet…)

There is no denying the nesting these days. I get teased about it, but meh!

So other than making sure I scrub the whole house at least once a week and that the dishes are always done, what have I been doing ? Sewing. Copious amounts of sewing.

Since we are cloth diapering (I’m cheap) I had the thought, why not have clothy wipe things too? I mean, laundry is happening anyhow…

There are 12 of them. Flannel one side, either microterry or muslin on the other. Easy peasy.

Oho, and I bought muslin for swaddling wraps (see picture several down) and had some left over, so yay, baby spit rags (silly to get excited about this, but eh. Blame it on the nesting).

Also I made flannel swaddle wraps:

Which may double as blankets.

Washcloths and towels. Quite a bit cheaper than buying baby specific stuff or even regular towels (unless they were on sale).

Something like 6 washcloths and 3 towels for $30. And leftovers for other things too. I had the option of white, pink or blue. Sigh. I would have been happy with yellow, or green or something not so stereotypical.

Our baby hammock needed sheets so I made some of those. See one sheet on in the hammock and the other two folded up (front second picture). Two flannel one cotton.

Those are the muslin swaddle wraps in the back in the second picture there. The ones in the picture several above are the remnants that will be spit/cover cloths.

Oh and knitting and crochet. I was worrying over not having socks (still don’t actually) but I crocheted some booties. So I’m less anxious about that (still will get some socks though!)

The hat is knitted and isn’t entirely done yet. I was going to wait for a second opinion on gender to put some color on it, but they didn’t give one, so I just need to finish it with something.

Also a blanket I’ve been working on. Not done, but I just need to do the last row and then maybe trim it with color.

I did actually make a baby clothing item, but the pattern betrayed me and it looks a bit large for a newborn. I’ll finish it once the baby arrives. Until then I’m not sure about it.

Thanks sewing (but mostly baby stuff storage) room!