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The geekiest mobile ever.

Maybe. I mean it could be more geeky. Regardless, I’m pleased. I’ve been thinking about doing this forever.

So I had plans many many months ago to make a mobile. I bought some dowels (and a saw for sawing them) and they sat for a long time until I finally got my act together today to start putting things together.

It took me a bit of mental planning to decide what layout I wanted. I had two 47ish inch dowels and around 9 things I wanted to hang (I could have had more but I have other plans for them. Maybe). So 3 20 inch pieces, one little bracing piece and a long spine. Hot glue to hold things together a little…

Then I wrapped the joints with yarn. Braces it well, looks ok. Works for me. Hot glue, as neat as it is, is rarely enough.

Now, the things I’ll be hanging.

Those are Giant Microbes. I used to get one (or more) free with purchase over X amount from a biosupply company I bought from at a previous job. I have a reasonable collection. Shown in this picture: Kissing Disease, Bedbug, Flesh Eating Bacteria, E. coli, Red Tide, Chicken Pox, Lyme Disease, and hiding a bit, Sleeping Sickness. Not shown, nor going on the mobile, a Brain Cell and Mad Cow.

I tended to get the interesting looking ones. There were some more I wanted, but the company didn’t offer them as freebies so I never got around to it.

After a bit of guesswork with balancing the nearly first try was good enough.

Finished product!

I’m pretty proud. I wonder if it will scare the baby?

Not necessarily zucchini bread.

Remember all that zucchini from the summer? Well, it’s still in the freezer. I’m having the bright idea that I could bake it into a loaf of bread. But not zucchini bread, oh no. Regular bread maker bread. Mainly as my sugar has been used for cinnamon toast and my flour has been used for pancakes. So I don’t have as much of either as I’d probably need and I’m not so eager to get more.

Let’s just see how this goes.

So the breadmaker directions and machine ingredients call for:

3 3/4 cups of mix

less than 1 cup of water

2-3 tsp of yeast

mix bake etc.

I have grated zucchini. As much as you could want really.

I think I’ll swap 1/2 of the water for 2 cups of the zucchini.

From experience I know a bit of sugar and warm water helps the yeast along, so in that goes.

Then the rest. Part of the trick to bread maker bread is getting the consistency right.The dough should be firm, not sticky and give slightly, so not over dry either.

So I added 1 tbsp yeast (which is about 2-3 tsp), 1/2 cup warm water and 1 tbsp sugar.

Then 2 cups of grated zucchini. This was still a bit frozen so in hindsight already my water could have been a lot warmer. Oh well. The dough got really cold after the addition of partially frozen zucchini.

Then at least 3 cups of bread mix. I kept adding more until the dough was firm, not overly sticky, and not dry. Usually I add water and mix alternately until it looks right. This was already way wet so just mix.

Bread maker bread can be so anti-climactic. Ingredients in, come back in a few hours to see if you’ve screwed up of if you have some bread.

Well, it turned out doughy which is no real surprise. It’s still edible (better than that it’s good, but warm bread is always good) and doesn’t taste overwhelmingly of zucchini (enough so that even Glenn might eat it).

It is smaller than I thought it would be (less rising happening due to overmoisture), but still ok.

Not sure this is the best use of grated zucchini. Next time, no additional water.

Ok baby. You can show up now.

Really. We have stuff for you and everything.

Well, today is my first day on maternity leave. I’m trying to keep busy, but am also trying to pace myself. Don’t want to run out of things to do! I worry I’m in for a bit of a wait because other than having more trouble hobbling around (I’m on leave about a week early at 38 rather than 39 weeks because of this) I don’t feel like a baby appearance is imminent.

Had a large box of baby clothes arrive from Glenn’s grandma so washing those, along with some other ones I had hanging around. Then stuffing the rest of the nappies with inserts. Did our laundry earlier and hung it out, washed my breast pump, organized a bit. Now what?

Well, here are some pictures of what we’ve got. I’m fairly pleased with our purchases. Of course the clothing from family has helped as well. I was really worried about the baby being cold (winter is here and it’s damp) but am much less so now.

Yay for clothing.

That’s only what I just washed and put haven’t put away yet. It’s of varying sizes so should be set for a while.

Carseat with headrest thing I got second hand. It needs to go back in the car. We took it out as we needed room for picking up the stroller. The headrest came with a breastfeeding pillow and a diaperbag/backpack thing for $10. Good deal. Carseat is new.

We bought a blue one because it matched the car. Seriously.

Stroller. With this we got the sun and rain shades, a toddler seat (for further babies), a shopping pannier and a backpack. $100. Considering this is a $600+ish stroller new (not to mention probably $200 worth of accessories) I’m pleased. However, it’s also the ugliest thing. Maroon and yellow? Blech! I made that little baby bag in there. Doesn’t match, but oh well (and really what would?).

Various things on and around the change table-bath. The bath is under the change pad. I mainly wanted something that was multi function even though I’m not sure on all the functions, and portable (it has wheels). That way I can store things on it at the very minimum.

Aforementioned breastfeeding pillow,  some of the cover cloths from last update, the top of the table.

Some odds and ends, cloth wipes seen in last update etc.

Nappies, all stuffed and ready to go. Paid less than $500 for 30 of them. I wont need any more (assuming these fit ok). Easily the most expensive purchase, but also a good money saver.

And on the bottom there is clothing, towels, blankets etc.

The bouncer. I wasn’t going to get one, but then I realized having a spot to stick the baby in the room I’m in seems like a good idea. Also has a toy arch. I think it cost me around $30 secondhand.

Blanket I knitted and a toy my boss gave me. It’s a sheep…like thing.

Here is the baby bed. It’s a hammock thing. Responds to baby movement by bouncing gently. I’ve got it scrunched up next to the bed. I bought this forever ago for around $90. We’ll see how the baby likes it, but will probably move onto a crib bed by 6 months.

Glenn wants a baby capsule thing just to carry the baby around in. I’m ambivalent. We have a Moby wrap baby carrier and I thought that would be easier than a carseat you take in and out. Haven’t bought one yet, so we’ll see.

Some come on out. None of my shirts fit anymore.