Monthly Archives: July 2010

Interlude (and babies eating lemons)

Just waiting now.

I have a starting induction date on Thursday the 8th, with more urgent methods being applied on Friday. Since this baby is soooo comfortable up in there. But it’s really time to come out now (please don’t be 12 lbs). 42 weeks is plenty long enough to be pregnant.

I was thinking a bit ago of the absurdity of our last minute before baby things.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are taking the dogs off to the kennel for a week/10days something or other. Enough time for us to hopefully come home with a baby and get a little used to it before adding dogs back in. I had always wondered what the appropriate ‘time’ to take them off to the kennel would be, but now it’s more or less all planned out, which is a bit odd.

Glenn is off getting a haircut so he wont look scruffy in pictures with the baby. I find this mildly hilarious, but also adorable.

And now for babies eating lemons.