Monthly Archives: November 2010

The garden returns!

Duh duh duuuuh.

Except this year it’s smaller and vaguely portable. In case we move before things are fully ripe like we did last year…

Peas and broccoli! Things that babies might have fun eating. Or that’s my theory. Lucky Lucy getting to start solids during the seasons that fruits and vegetables are fresh and good.

This is left over from last year mostly. Green onions and parsley, but I’m growing some fennel in there this year. A bit overgrown and going to seed. I forget to use it.

Kale and beets. Though I’m not sure which is which…I mean I knew at some point, but I forget now. Kale because it’s impossible to buy here, and beets because BEETS. Also there may be an obligatory beets+baby picture at some point.

Spinach and.. well tomato seeds. Tomatoes haven’t popped up yet.


Baby-friendly chili

Since Lucy has issues when I eat onions…and also apparently when I eat tomatoes, I made a baby friendly chili. Not that she’s going to be eating it directly. But she eats what I eat to some degree.

Of course I totally forgot to take pictures until the end, but here’s the basics:

Red kidney beans-soak overnight and wash (also any other beans you might want, I used some black as well)

Ground beef-about 1-1.5 pounds

Chili flakes-I used maybe 2 tsp for a 4-5L batch and it came out with a mild spice

Chili powder-2-3 heaping tbsp for the above size pot

1 leek chopped (these are ok, but onions are not?  Whatever crazy baby tummy!)

Water to cover the beans (as they are well soaked the pot shouldn’t run dry).

Salt to taste

Add all to the pot being sure to break up the ground meat into chunks.

Cook for 6+ hours or until beans are soft.

Now I just need to make some cornbread…

Pork n’ Beans

Here I am with summer on the way making all this nice winter food. But it just seemed so tasty!

Use whatever beans you like best. I found this pretty bean mix.



Ham hocks! (I bought 2 of them, one for pea soup, and one for this)

Add water, salt, garlic and cook for hours.

Preparing for storage and freezing: