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Too many earthquakes

I know I haven’t been updating. Naughty me. I’ve been spending my time on parenting forums and on my new, other blog which is about boobies and not having enough milk.

So…earthquakes! I’ve now been through multiple large earthquakes.

Earthquakes I’ve known (and not loved)

Santa Cruz 1989

We lived in Lompico, so basically the middle of nowhere outside of Felton. Which is a mountain suburb of Santa Cruz. So more rural than a country town. Basically it was the other side of the mountain highway 17 traverses from the epicentre. Still, our car fell into a crack in the ground and the house across the street from us totally collapsed.  It wasn’t fun. I fell down, everything fell down. It was however, much worse than this next one

Christchurch: Sept 4th 2010

Not so bad. It went on longer than the 1989 one so while walking was possible it wasn’t easy.

The worst thing about this one is that because it was an earthquake from a dormant fault we went through almost 5000 aftershocks (I think it was at 4880+ when the next one happened). So, dormant faults suck when they wake up.  That’s basically around 1000 earthquakes per month until the next large one hit.

I know for me this last one was bad because it was so much more intense, but after close to 5000 aftershocks you pretty much stop reacting. No more duck and cover, and after a bit you start gauging them by if you feel like you want to stand up. ‘Hmm, stand  up? Must be 5+!’

I bet other people felt this way too. Which is really bad, because it was so much more intense it did a lot of damage and I barely moved to get out of the house until the power went out. Then I thought, ‘hmm, this may be bad’. Then walking became difficult. And being during the middle of the day, rather than in the dead of early morning made the toll much worse. All the aftershock shaking, plus the loads of brick buildings made this last one really bad.

Christchurch: February 22nd, 2011

I don’t like brick buildings, haven’t since 1989, but now I never want to live near or work in one. And I think when we buy a house we’ll be getting some geotechnical reports done to see whether the area is on sand or rock. We are fortunate enough to live on rock now, so have our power, water and not that much damage.

But there are still aftershocks. The count is now over 5000, though this latest one does seem to be behaving more like a ‘normal’ earthquake and they are tailing off more rapidly than the first one.

I’m sure I was in some sub 6 earthquakes as well, but I can’t remember any of them specifically.


So, hopefully there won’t be any more significant ones. Christchurch will hopefully rebuild in a spectacular way. Earthquakes still suck.