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This is baby food really. But it doesn’t have to be! I mean, if you added salt it wouldn’t be. Basically.

So, potstickers, dumplings, whatever you want to call them there are two parts. Noodle dough and filling.

Let’s start with the noodle part since that will be the same regardless.

3 cups flour

salt (or not)

about 1 cup of water.

So mix these together in a mixer or with your hands until the dough is not too dry, not sticky, but kind of silky and smooth.

Then let it sit for 30 minutes or more to give the gluten time to let it be a stretchy dough.

While you are waiting you can make your filling. Filling can be whatever you like. It can be cheese or meat or vegetables or all of the above.

Mine is ground pork, fennel seeds, grated carrot, eggs and allspice. What I made was about 1.5lbs pork, 2 medium raw eggs, 1 tbs fennel seeds, a shake of allspice, and half a large carrot. This recipe only used 1/4 to 1/3 of that though so adjust accordingly. If it’s not for babies I thoroughly recommend salt or soy sauce.

Now, the dough. I have a potsticker press, but if you don’t you can crimp them by hand. I can’t show you how, but I hear it’s something people do.

Take a small piece

Roll it out

You can see my press. You can also stretch the dough by hand if you want. It’s pretty flexible.

Add filling.  Now for filling I added about half of a large tablespoon into the center of the dough

Then close it up, however you do it.

And boil them for 5-10 minutes

And done.

It made around 30 of them and I had lots (well over half) of filling left over. I see meatballs in my future.