Monthly Archives: July 2011

Ugly dolly

It’s Lucy’s birthday in less than a week. We bought her some things, but not really caring so much for plastic dollies I thought I’d make one. So behold: a very ugly dolly.

I freehanded with sharpie (mistake) on some fabric. It’s bamboo jersey.

I cut it out and sewed it up. I made one arm a bit too skinny. I didn’t use any pins because Glenn is always worried if I use pins for anything I’ll drop one and Lucy will eat it.

Here is where the doll goes from mildly whimsical to ugly. I used the sewing machine and colored thread to freehand (again with the freehanding) eyes and a mouth on there. Embroidery thread would have been the right option here. Or button eyes even, but I thought she’d try and eat them.

I crocheted some hair and sewed it on. And made it something to wear. A dress and what was supposed to be a head scarf.


Stuffed and with the clothes again.

All dressed up. Hope she likes it!