Pumpkin sauce

I hope to have a few updates over the next few weeks at least. And a change of appearance! This blog has been long abandoned in favor of my other one. One that has nothing to do with cooking. Which I still don’t update that often, in blog land terms, but it gets some action every few weeks at the minimum.

Anyhow, I thought the Northern hemisphere going into fall and all would appreciate this recipe. This is what happens when pumpkin pie and applesauce have a delicious baby. This is a regular staple in Lucy’s diet. People here tend to see pumpkins as a more savoury item. Pumpkin pie is a foreign idea and, though even as an American I wouldn’t think it, it’s very much considered American food. So when people exclaim, ‘oh that smells so good, what is that?’, and I say it’s pumpkin applesauce all we get are funny looks. I guess it’s the cultural equivalent of putting apples and potatoes together. It’s just seen as a little odd.

I make it in the slow cooker, but if you have another preferred way you generally make applesauce, go for it.

You will need:

Apples. Several kilos or pounds at least. I usually buy whatever is on clearance or seconds or similar. After all what do we care if they are bruisey or damaged?



Cloves-ground (unless you want to be picking cloves out of your sauce or have some kind of straining cooking device)

Vanilla extract. Real or fake.

Pumpkin. Now, don’t use a jack-o-lantern one. Get a sweet cooking one. Something like a butternut squash. Or canned pumpkin. Probably 1 12 or 16oz can (I don’t remember the sizes they come in because they don’t sell canned pumpkin here, as I said, pumpkin, while very popular is eaten whole, roasted, savory, like potatoes) will do for a 4-5l (1 gallon) batch of sauce. Less for less. Same thing with the butternut squash. Probably one whole one will be fine, use half if making less.

Peel apples and cut them up into chunks. I think this was 3-4kg of seconds apples. The bags didn’t have weights on them, but there were probably 10-15 small-medium apples per bag, and this is 2 bags worth. This is a 5L crockpot.

I kind of felt like I had more peels than apple. Or at least 50/50. But the peels didn’t weigh very much.

Add your spices. I’d say a tsp of cinnamon, a dash or two of allspice, 1/tsp of cloves (a little goes a really long way with that stuff), a tsp of vanilla. I just kind of add stuff though. Nutmeg if you’ve got it. I don’t usually.

Pumpkin. No need to peel it. Just stick it in there. When it cooks you can scoop it out of it’s peel easily enough. I had to cut it up some to get it to fit in the crockpot.

Crockpot on high, let it cook for 4-6 hours. Scoop out your pumpkin,

give it a stir to mix it all up and serve, freeze, or refrigerate. It freezes well, stores in the fridge for quite some time as well.

It’s actually much oranger than that.

You can also use pears if you like, but peel them! That’s a mistake I’ve made.

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