Root vegetable surprise.

This was meant to be a sort of borscht. However, I didn’t take into account that beets (or as they say here, beet root) will get mashy if roasted a bit first, not so much if they are just simmered in soup. It was still good.

I used 5 beets

1/2 rutabaga (aka swede). It was a big one.

3 potatoes, peeled.

carrots, 3-4 medium large


garlic, 3 cloves

2 venison neck chops (this is a really common cut of meat here for lamb, pork, beef, venison. It makes a good soup bone. It’s cheap and fairly meaty).


Chop all vegetables. I also peeled everything that was peelable. Except the carrots.

Add some water, salt, pepper any other herbs and spices. Oh, and the meat.

Cook cook cook… I think I cooked this for at least 4 hours.

As I said, most things kept their shape rather well. Everything was also a charming purple color. Which was not really what I had intended. I had wanted a thicker soup, not vegetables and a broth. Not enough starch! But it was still good, and best thing was I could pick vegetables out of this for Lucy to eat.

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