A rather ad hoc version of something that is usually made from left over meat. A kind of made up version of the Cornish Pasty.

So you’ll want some kind of variation on the following:

Potatoes: I used 2 medium large

Carrots: I used 2

Meat: I used about a pound (500g) of ground pork, but lots of people use left over roast.

Mushroom: I used 1-2 portabellas

Onions or garlic would also be good.

Meat or vegetable stock or a bouillon cube.

Herbs and seasoning to taste

I chopped or cubed all the vegetables and simmered in a pot with the bouillon and seasonings. When it got bubbly I added about a tablespoon of flour to thicken the mix.

I had intended to put some shredded brussel sprouts in mine, but ended up having it as a side. Adding that or shredded cabbage is a thought as well.

The ground pork.

The cooked meat and vegetable mix together.

Now you’ll also want some pie crust. You can use your favourite recipe.

Here’s what I did.

2/3 cup butter. I melted it in the microwave for easy mixing

2 1/4 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder


1/3 cup cold water.

Combine flour salt and baking powder and mix with butter. Mix until largest pieces are about pea sized. Add water.

To get extra flakiness out of it I put the mix in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. This was enough to chill it but not enough to freeze.

Roll out somewhat circular shapes and put a spoonful or two of the mix in the pastry and pinch closed.

Put on a baking sheet.


Or if you get lazy or have a hungry toddler throwing things at you you can just make a big pie. Or something like this which manages to combine pie crust and filling in a totally half assed way.


Bake 20 minutes at ~400F (200C)


It’s hand food. And more filling than you’d think. That’s a dessert plate.


Even the big one turned out ok.

Things you can do that I didn’t necessarily: Add cheese, add onions, change up the vegetables, use different meat, don’t use meat.

This recipe ought to feed us 3+ for at least 3 days of dinners if not 3 dinners and a lunch or two.


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